Photo by Benedict Morgan

Its hard to believe that almost two years have passed since we took to the stage of London’s Royal Festival Hall. It was one of the most humbling nights of our time in the Jets, and I’ll always be thankful that we were fortunate enough to capture it on double gold vinyl. The album was released by a record label who’s lifespan has somewhat mirrored our own. It felt great to rejoin forces with Tim and Toby of Transgressive Records’, who gave a home to our shambling first seven-inch single ‘Zootime’ way back in February 2005. It’s with great honour that we will take to the stage of the Barbican Centre tonight to celebrate their tenth birthday. Who knows, we may even play something new too…

We’ve spent the past year building our own studio in an old, former button factory, which has been something of a dream of ours since we started out. It’s given us the freedom to get off the grid, and make records in the way we’ve always wanted to. We’re deep into the thick of album five sessions now, and its a wonderful thing when you start to be able to see the shape of what’s to come….

Finally we have an exciting announcement to make; a new member of jets personnel who has been hiding away with us since we began work on Jets V late last year. We met Jack Flanagan on a wild night out in rainy soho and before he even plugged in his bass guitar, we knew he was destined to be a legend. He looked and lived like a Mystery Jet. To mark his inauguration, Jack was invited to a feast at our spiritual HQ on Eel Pie Island and we introduced him to Henry, who played him a choice selection of Genesis and King Crimson records. On January 10th of this year, in a whirlwind of Prog rock and Tarka Dal, Jack officially became a jet.

xx Blaine

30 Aug 2015